My Journey

I’m Meg, a fashion photographer, travel lover and interior enthusiast.

My obsession with photography began at a young age, when I unwrapped my first proper camera on my fourteenth birthday. Coupled with my natural flair for fashion and all things aesthetic, photography was a natural choice for me.

My very first shoots, in the small Cotswold village I grew up in, pushed me to really develop my creativity – there were certainly no studios or professional lights! But that helped me find the refreshingly honest and storytelling style I’m known for.

At eighteen and full of excitement, I left home to go travelling by myself. My time away was so valuable and my passion for photography grew even stronger. On my return, I moved to London and started university at London College of Communication. But soon enough I realised that the structure of a University course was inhibiting my creativity.

So I left, and gained valuable experience assisting and working within the industry. From this experience, I decided that I much preferred working with smaller brands packed with personality and their own unique stories to communicate. Beautiful Bristol was the place I found that.

Megan Gisborne - Lifestyle Fashion Photographer

My Photography

I’d describe my work as fresh, honest and striking. My signature style combines gorgeous natural light with effortless poses that let your products sing.

From look books to social media content, editorial to advertising campaigns, I always bring passion, a methodical approach and – I’ve been told – a calming energy.

Because I take time to form relationships with you and understand your brand, my photography will always reflect what you want to communicate to the world.


Who I can help

Having learnt from my time in London, I know that my skills are best suited to smaller brands with independent spirits. So if you’re fiercely creative and care about your craft, we’ll get along like a house on fire.

How I can help you

You dedicate so much time and energy into your brand. You can only do it justice with consistent, powerful imagery. Especially because people are extremely visual by nature – potential customers need to be able to imagine your pieces on them. This is what I do.

Every one of my shoots starts with building an understanding of your brand and what you stand for. We can have a chat on the phone or, ideally, meet for coffee. From here I can start to build your mood-board, scout for locations, and style the shoot.

From start to finish, I’m with you to collaborate on every element so that your final images are just what you want.

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